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This Technology Could be the Future of Sports Injury Prevention


When we think of technology, we usually think of the latest phones, virtual assistants, or self-driving cars. However, technology is benefitting a multitude of industries, even injury prevention. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we understand that sports injuries are all too common and can be dangerous. Thankfully, new technology-loaded sports gear has been introduced to the market to help prevent many sports injuries. Here’s a list of products that can shape the future of sports injury prevention:



Helmets are used in many high-contact sports, such as football, to protect players from sustaining head injuries. However, the foam used in many traditional football helmets may not provide the most efficient protection, as head injuries are still among the most common football injuries sustained. Hight-tech helmets are utilizing shock absorbers that release air when the head has suffered an impact. This air inflates the protective interior of the helmet and reduces the amount of quick movement the head sustains, thus reducing the chance of a concussion.


Mouth Guards

Mouth guards are essential in many sports to protect players form painful sports injuries. However, by using technology, mouth guards can now actually alert athletes if they are at risk for a concussion. Sensors within the mouth guard alert the player when an injury that could lead to a concussion has occurred. LED lights within the mouth guard light up a certain color according to the severity of the injury. Devastating blows are indicated by a red light, while a lesser impact is indicated with a blue light. These lights are bright enough to alert coaches to remove the player from the game to address the injury.



There truly is an app for everything. Fortunately, developers have released apps for smartphones that are designed to prevent sports injuries. These apps are often loaded with informational videos and step-by-step instruction on how to perform sports moves correctly to reduce the chance of injury. Additionally, these apps can include injury-prevention exercises designated for specific areas of the body that commonly suffer sports injuries.


Computer-Based Prevention Programs

Programmers have begun using computer technology to create in-depth sports injury prevention programs. Data, such as biometrics and other various workload metrics, is collected via cameras to capture the movements of players. This data allows coaches to analyze which players are at the most risk of an injury, so changes can be made to plays to prevent injuries before they happen.


Technology has enriched the lives of many people in various industries. For sports injury prevention, this technology allows players to remain healthy and injury-free while playing a game they love. However, technology can only prevent injuries to a certain extent. If you have suffered a sports injury, don’t ignore it. Give NASA Bone & Joint Specialists a call at (281) 333-5114.

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