Dr. Cristin Mathew is no longer with NASA Bone & Joint Specialists. To schedule at his new practice, please call 281.335.1111



NASA Bone and Joint Specialists aren’t made up of just physicians.  It’s a family of compassionate front office specialists focused on the details of getting patients the care they need quickly, experienced radiology techs securing quality images for accurate diagnoses, and skilled medical and surgical assistants fitting braces, coordinating surgeries and translating care between physician and patient.  

If you need to reach one of our specialists, you can call or email and we will strive to reply promptly:

Scheduling: 281.333.5114 extension 240 

Insurance Verification: 281.333.5114  extension 221

Medical Records: 281.333.5114 extension 237

MRI & Other Imaging Scheduling: 281.333.5114 extension 242

Dr. O’Neill’s Assistant: 281.333.5114 extension 223

Practice Administrator & Billing Questions: 281.333.5114 extension 227


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