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Orthobiologics include natural substances that support your body’s healing response. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists in Houston, Texas, Daniel O’Neill, MD, offers orthobiologic treatments such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cells to help your body heal so you can get back to your regular activities quickly and safely. Call NASA Bone & Joint Specialists or schedule a consultation online today to learn more about orthobiologics and how they can help you.

Orthobiologics Q&A

What are orthobiologics?

Orthobiologics are substances that are found in your body that the team at NASA Bone & Joint Specialists uses to support and accelerate your body’s natural healing response. They help your bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles heal.

When you have an injury, your body bleeds, which floods your injured tissue with nutrients, oxygen, and growth factors your body needs to repair itself. Orthobiologic treatments perform the same function, only with concentrated amounts of the nutrients your body needs.

What happens during an orthobiologic treatment?

The team at NASA Bone & Joint Specialists provides highly customized orthobiologics treatments. Both stem cell treatments and PRP involve injections into your injured tissue.


Your doctor begins by drawing a blood sample, which they then separate in a centrifuge to create the PRP serum. When your serum is ready, they inject the PRP serum into your tissue. In some cases, they might need to use fluoroscopy to guide the needle to the correct location in your body. If necessary, they provide a local anesthetic to your injection site.

Stem cells

Your doctor either harvests stem cells from your body or uses donor cells. Donor cells come from healthy, full-term babies’ umbilical cords. The umbilical cords are donated after birth and the donation doesn’t affect the babies’ health at all. Stem cell therapy is similar to PRP injections.

Both stem cells and PRP flood your injured tissue with the materials your body needs to increase cellular and tissue regeneration.

Most patients have a series of treatments to optimize the healing response. Orthobiologics are usually included in multidisciplinary treatment plans to address your injury from many angles.

What should I expect after an orthobiologic treatment?

Orthobiologics treatments need some time to show results, as your body needs time to repair. Everyone heals at different rates, so you might notice an improvement in just a few days, or you might need a week or two to start to feel better.

Some patients also experience a temporary flare of inflammation after their injection. This is a normal response and shows that your body is directing blood and other nutrients to your injured tissue to kick start the healing process.

Your doctor explains the process and what to expect afterward during your consultation. They’re always willing to answer questions to help you understand your needs and treatment options.

Call NASA Bone & Joint Specialists or make an appointment online today to learn more about orthobiologics and how they can help you.