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Our Values

Board Certified

NASA Bone & Joint Specialists are Board Certified in general orthopedics and sports medicine — providing the highest quality care.

25 Years

Dr. O’Neill has been providing excellent care for his patients for nearly 30 years.

All Ages

NASA Bone & Joint Specialists accepts patients of all ages, seeing fractures and youth sports injuries the same day.

Qualified Staff

All of our staff, from surgeon to front desk are trained and certified to meet the needs of our clients.


Experience Beyond Care

Many years ago I suffered a compound fracture of my left elbow while working on a boat. Was lucky enough to have Dr O’Neill as the attending surgeon on a Friday evening. Spent 2 and 1/2 hours putting my elbow back together. He did an amazing job and after some extensive rehab I have no ill effects from a very complicated break. Would recommend him to anyone and is in my eyes the best orthopedic surgeon in the area


Last year I came back from a snowboarding trip with a high ankle sprain. I had torn the upper ligaments of the ankle. I was in so much pain and it felt like my ankle would never be the same again. A guy I had been dating said “maybe time to give up snowboarding?” I laughed. Dr. O’Neill gave me just the right treatment with PT and home exercises and even got me to avoid needing surgery. This past week I spent 6 days on the mountain, rode harder and longer than ever before, and never felt the ankle once. Imagine if I listened to silly guys like that instead of to amazing doctors like Dr. O’Neill. I never went out with that guy again. No one should have to give up on the sports they love.
The only problem is that it’s hard to get appointments. I wait weeks to months. But that’s probably because he is so good!


Daniel does a great job. He has repaired both my knees (requiring ACL replacement); same for my wife on one knee. At 60+ I am still able to play full court basketball almost weekly as well as jog, ski, whatever. Highly recommend him for all such sports related injuries.


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Our Doctors

Dr. Daniel B. O’Neill

Dr. Daniel B. O’Neill


Daniel B. O’Neill, M.D. completed his Orthopedic and Sports Medicine training at Harvard University in Boston.

Dr. Cristin Mathew

Dr. Cristin Mathew


Dr. Cristin Mathew trained under top-rated surgeons and utilized his sports medicine knowledge on world-renowned athletes.

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