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Choose This Technology for Injury Prevention in Sports


Utilizing technology to improve sports performance is common among athletes. Both weekend warriors and professional athletes benefit from the data collected by smart devices. Technology is now an important part of injury prevention in sports. Athletes should consider the following smart technology to keep them at the top of their game:


01. Wearables

Wearable devices are now fully integrated into our lifestyle and allow athletes easy access to useful sports injury prevention technology. Smartwatches and fitness bands record vitals like heart rate and breathing. Advanced devices also monitor pressure on joints, range of motion, and internal body temperature. This information is valuable in monitoring the health of an athlete in real time, preventing issues like overheating and overuse injuries.


02. Sensors

Wearing sensors is especially advantageous during training. Sensors can be on clothing, applied directly to the skin or incorporated in equipment like cleats (1).  They enable athletes and coaches to monitor performance, making changes to certain plays or personnel where needed. This reduces the instances of injuries during the official game.  Sensors on the skin can measure cardiac output and sweat rate. Sensors in shoes track a player’s motion. These devices provide real-time analytical data to prevent instances like overheating or ankle sprains.


03. Smart Foam

Smart Foam is a monumental technological improvement for sports requiring helmets. The foam is inserted into the helmet, providing a cushion that protects the head from impact. Smart foam goes a step further in injury prevention, allowing data to be collected on the impact of each hit. Sensors within the foam detect impact of hits and allow medical teams to more closely evaluate and monitor brain performance, proving especially useful for athletes at risk for concussion. Athletes and coaches receive information over the acceleration, impact, and velocity to prevent multiple instances of the same head injury.


Athletes benefit from improving technology, utilizing it as an injury prevention method in sports. The team at NASA Bone & Joint Specialists ensure athletes stay on top of their game. Call us at (281) 333-5114 to schedule with our sports medicine doctors.


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