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These 5 Simple Exercises Can Help Prevent Reconstructive Hip Surgery


While surgery can be a useful treatment option for hip pain, it is not usually the first course of action for most people. Both doctors and patients alike will often search for non-surgical treatments to prevent seeking a hip surgeon in the Clear Lake, Texas area. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we notice that many patients turn to exercise to help reduce their hip pain, so we’ve listed 5 simple exercises that can help prevent hip reconstructive surgery and help you feel your best:


1. Low-Impact Aerobics

When it comes to cardo, it is best to stick to low-impact activities that reduce strain on the hip joints. Aerobics are essential to prevent joint degeneration in the hips but is important to do them correctly. Instead of a strenuous run, try walking or riding your bike at a medium pace. These low-impact aerobic exercises keep your hip joints in neutral rotation and help stabilize the hip joints, making them the perfect option to help prevent surgery. To squeeze in as much low-impact exercise as possible, take the stairs and avoid the elevator when possible.


2. Lunges

While many people think of lunges as primarily a thigh-strengthening exercise, they can also provide your hips with the strength they need to avoid surgery. Step forward with one foot and slowly lower your body as far as you are able. From there, simply push back into a standing position and repeat with the other leg. These exercises focus primarily on contracting on the hip flexors, which builds strength over time and provides additional support and stability to the hips. Keep in mind to keep your movements slow and controlled to force your hip flexors to build additional strength as they resist the downward motion.


3. Leg Presses

When done correctly, leg presses can focus on building leg strength and hip strength to prevent having to see a Clear Lake hip doctor. Positioning is key for this exercise, as a simple shift in position can benefit certain parts of the hips. Once seated at the leg press machine, spread your feet as wide as possible on the resistance plate to focus on the inner hips. To focus on building outer hip strength, simply shift your position to place your feet closer together.


4. Standing Hip Flexors

Standing hip flexors strengthen the small muscles in the hip responsible for picking up your leg, meaning that they will be better able to do their job without the help of a surgical procedure. Best of all, this exercise can be done easily at home. To begin, stand behind a sturdy chair with just enough room to pick up your leg. Hold onto the chair with both hands, stand up straight, and bring one leg up toward your chest with the knee bent. Slowly bring your leg back down, and then repeat with the other leg.


5. Hip Abductors

Hip abductors help with balance, meaning you are less likely to suffer a fall that could lead to seeing a Clear Lake orthopedic specialist for reconstructive hip surgery. To perform this exercise, sit on a chair, tie a resistance band right above your knees, and slowly spread your legs apart using your hip muscles. This exercise is a simple yet effective way to prevent the need to undergo surgery.


Before resorting to surgery, many people in the Clear Lake area search for a non-surgical treatment that can help their hip pain. Exercise is an easy, healthy, and overall effective way to treat pain without needing reconstructive hip surgery. For the best orthopedic doctors in the Clear Lake, Texas area, give NASA Bone & Joint Specialists a call at 281-333-5114.

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