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Sports Medicine and 4 Ways It Is Different from Your Normal Treatment


There is a simple answer to your sports medicine question. Sports Medicine is a professional practice that doctors use to treat injuries for all sports and exercise activities. If you are an athlete, sports health applies to all your sprains, strains and bruises. Sports health also goes deeper than your average sore muscle though. Sports health specialists adjust their treatments depending on the type of sport and the athletes themselves. NASA Bone & Joint Specialists is the dream team for sports medicine in Southeast Houston, Texas. Sports medicine with NASA Bone & Joint Specialists differs from other forms of treatment because of…


1. Sports Medicine Diagnosis

Starting with the diagnosis, sports medicine is different than a normal doctor’s appointment. Our doctors, Dr. Daniel B. O’Neill and Dr. Michael A. Monmouth, use x-rays and other forms of imaging to diagnosis a sports injury. The right treatment depends on the diagnosis itself. Our physicians handle a ligament tear differently than a joint dislocation so sports health usually starts with a physical examination and series of x-rays for your diagnosis.


2. Newer Treatment Options

Athletes are more vulnerable to sports injuries because their bodies are at risk during every game and practice. In orthopedics, as new studies and technology evolve, doctors utilize these newer treatments for sports medicine. Athletes have newer options available for their treatment when they choose a sports medicine specialist or sports medicine practice like NASA Bone & Joint Specialists. These exclusive sports health options along with physical therapy allow athletes to bounce back faster than before.


3. Faster Recovery Process

For professional athletes, their jobs and reputation rely on their physical health and ability to play. This mindset is the same for athletes at any level. Athletes want to return to their sports as soon as possible. The fastest and safest way to recover is with sports health. Above all, sports medicine specialists act with immediate care for their patients. The faster you start your sports health treatment, the faster you will recover and return to your sport, whether it is a job or hobby.


4. Valuable Rehabilitation

Lastly, sports health differs from regular medical treatments because of the emphasis on the rehabilitation and physical therapy. Your sports health specialist will monitor your healing from the diagnosis to the final physical therapy sessions. Athletes must follow every step of their recovery plan so they can go back to their sport with full strength, flexibility and endurance. If you skip physical therapy or do not take the rehabilitation seriously, your body will feel the difference. We make physical therapy fun and entertaining at NASA Bone & Joint Specialists. You are building muscle while healing when you participate in Dr. Monmouth’s or Dr. O’Neill’s physical therapy.

NASA Bone & Joint Specialists located in Southeast Houston, Texas offers sports medicine treatments and general orthopedics. Consult one of our bone and joint specialists if you have more questions about sports medicine and think this treatment is right for your sports injury or joint pain.

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