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Learn Why These Athletes Choose NASA Bone & Joint as Their Dream Team to Stay in The Game


Every day, more and more athletes in Southeast Houston, Texas are choosing NASA Bone & Joint Specialists for their sports medicine treatment. When these athletes suffer from any kind of sports injury, they trust Dr. Daniel B. O’Neill for dream team of specialists. To stay in the game and avoid further injury, learn why NASA Bone & Joint Specialists is your choice for full sports medicine treatment and recovery.


Developing Your Strength and Athletic Ability

Dr. O’Neill works closely with athletes of all ages. From little league to a professional level, NASA Bone & Joint Specialists will keep you in the game. Young athletes are capable of healing much faster than a grown athlete, but they must receive treatment immediately after their sports injury. Our sports medicine specialists help athletes heal while enhancing their strength and athletic ability. For example, physicians NASA Bone & Joint Specialists serve as team doctors to several high schools in Southeast Houston, Texas such as Clear Creek and Friendswood Independent School Districts.


Ivy League Sports Medicine Experience

Another reason why athletes choose NASA Bone & Joint Specialists is because of our physician’s sports medicine experience. Dr. O’Neill is a distinguished Harvard Medical School alumni. His knowledge and dedication for sports medicine goes as far back as 1989 with Harvard fellowship programs. US News reports that Harvard Medical School is the best university for medical research. Harvard is an Ivy League school and it is one of the nation’s top universities. After receiving his degrees from Harvard Medical School, Dr. O’Neill returned to Houston to start NASA Bone & Joint Specialists.


Surgical and Nonsurgical Sports Medicine Treatment

NASA Bone & Joint Specialists offers procedures and joint replacement surgery when necessary. Sports medicine does not always involve surgery. Our sports medicine specialists explain every option for your sports injury. We encourage athletes to ask questions and learn more about their treatment. In some cases, physical therapy and other nonsurgical techniques may be the answer to your pain. When surgery is the only option for your sports medicine treatment, our doctors prepare and perform when you’re ready. Our sports medicine patients will have the most care and assistance before and after their operation.


Fast Healing So You Can Stay in The Game

Last but, not least, the main benefit of choosing NASA Bone & Joint Specialists is your healing. Athletes get back and stay in the game faster when they choose NASA Bone & Joint for sports medicine treatment. Athletes do not have to fear a career-ending injury. Our dream team knows the best practices to keep you healthy and plan for a strong return. Dr. O’Neill will have you back that same season or more than ready the following year.

NASA Bone & Joint Specialists is near the bay area of Southeast Houston, Texas. Trust our sports medicine dream team if you go down during a game. Request an appointment to get back in the game after any sports injury.

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