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How to Recognize if You Need Reconstructive Surgery in the Hips or Knees


Many people in the Houston, Texas, area suffer from pain in the hips and knees. However, it can be difficult to tell when this pain is severe enough to need reconstructive surgery. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we know that understanding your pain can be a key step to determining whether surgery is needed. We’ve listed some tips to help you determine if you need reconstructive surgery in the knees or hips:


01. Your Image Scans Indicate Bone Damage

Various conditions can take a toll on your bones. The best way to find the exact extent of this damage is with an image test, such as an X-Ray. If your imaging test shows signs of bone damage from conditions such as Osteoarthritis, your doctor may recommend reconstructive surgery to fix your knees or hips and help alleviate pain.


02. Non-Surgical Methods Don’t Help

As a general rule of thumb, you should exhaust your non-surgical methods before looking to surgery as a treatment for your hip or knee pain. Before considering surgery, try pain-reliving methods such as medication, mobility devices, a change in diet, or exercise. If these do not help to alleviate your pain, you may need reconstructive surgery.


03. Your Pain Interferes with Your Daily Life

Your joint pain should never hold you back from performing your daily routine. If simple daily tasks such as walking, bending, or sitting down are being interrupted by your knee or hip pain, it may be an indicator that reconstructive surgery is needed.


04. Chronic Pain

Joint pain for any period of time is never pleasant, but most cases of pain come and go within weeks. If your joint pain is chronic, it may be a sign that you need to consider surgical treatment. Chronic pain is a term used to describe long-term pain that lasts at least 6 months. If your joint pain has lasted for an extended period of time, seek out the help of a trusted orthopedic specialist, like NASA Bone & Joint Specialists.


05.You Suffer from RA

RA (rheumatoid arthritis) is an autoimmune condition that causes the body to attack and its own tissue, causing the cartilage to wear down. As the cartilage degrades, the space between your bones becomes narrower, leading these bones to rub against each other and cause pain. The hips and knees are a common place for RA pain to develop. If you have been diagnosed with RA, you may need reconstructive surgery if your pain is severe. However, it is important to speak to your orthopedic specialist to determine if the pain is severe enough for surgical treatment.


If you suffer from any of the above symptoms, reconstructive surgery in the knees or hips may be the best treatment option for you. When it comes to surgical treatment, it is important to entrust your joints to a knowledgeable and professional orthopedic specialist. NASA Bone & Joint Specialists can help with your reconstructive surgery to get you back to your daily routine sooner. Give us a call at 281-333-5114.

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