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Getting Ready for Joint Surgery? Read These Tips for Everything You Need to Know


For those suffering from joint pain in Clear Lake, Texas, joint replacement surgery can be the best treatment option to get back to a pain-free life. If you decide joint replacement is the solution for you, consider what comes before surgery. Simple steps taken before your procedure can help make your recovery process much easier. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we understand that patients may not know exactly how to prepare for their joint surgery, so we’ve listed some tips that can help as you recover:

1. Find a Support Team

When recovering from orthopedic surgery, you’ll want to have a support system to help you with some routine activities, such as cleaning or shopping. Before undergoing surgery, find a friend or family member that is willing to help you with these tasks for the first few days following your procedure. As an added bonus, your support team can help encourage you during your physical therapy or other recovery efforts.


2. Notify Your Employer

Once you have scheduled a surgery date, be sure to notify your employer in advance that you will be unable to work. Depending on the physical demands of your job and the joint you are receiving surgery for, you may need 4 weeks to three months to fully regain your ability to perform your job. While many patients can return to light duty quickly, some physical jobs may require the longer time to regain full strength. Your Clear Lake, Texas, orthopedic specialist will be able to inform you when you can safely return to your job.


3. Prepare You Home for Your Return

You want to create a living space that will allow you to remain comfortable while recovering from surgery. Move any loose rugs or cords so you are not at risk for falling and reinjuring your joint. Other factors to consider include lighting and sitting areas. Be sure your home is adequately lit, so you can clearly see any objects that could cause an injury, like sharp corners on furniture. Additionally, be sure you have a chair that is secure and not too close to the ground. A firm chair that doesn’t allow your hips to bend past 90 degrees is best.  Low, plushy chairs can be difficult to get out of, especially when recovering from joint surgery.


4. Prepare Your Meals

When recovering from orthopedic surgery, cooking can be difficult. Before your procedure, be sure to prepare enough meals ahead of time to help ease your recovery process. Simply freeze these meals after you prepare them and defrost them when you’re ready to eat. This avoids the need to reach for pots or pans and eliminates having to stand for long periods of time while cooking.


Joint replacement surgery is an ideal treatment for many patients suffering from joint pain. However, the recovery process is vital to keep in mind, even before you undergo your procedure. For the most trusted name in joint replacement surgery in the Clear Lake, Texas area, give NASA Bone & Joint Specialists a call at (281) 333-5114.

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