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Feel the Love without Feeling Your Joints This Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and many people in Houston, Texas, are getting ready to feel the love. However, some people may feel that their holiday plans are limited due to their joint pain. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we believe that joint pain should never hold you back from celebrating a special day, so we’ve laid out some tips that can help you feel the love without feeling your joints as you celebrate Valentine’s Day:


01. Go Dancing

Getting out on the dance floor with your date is a great way to get some exercise and celebrate Valentine’s Day. Cardiovascular activities, like dancing, can increase strength and flexibility in the joints, which can reduce pain. Grab your date and slow-dance to your favorite romantic songs for a fun way to ease joint pain.


02. Switch Out Your Box of Chocolates For a Fruit Bouquet

Many people enjoy snacking on a box of chocolates as part of their Valentine’s Day celebration. However, the added sugars in chocolate can cause inflammation in the body and lead to painful symptoms. Instead, switch out the chocolate for a fruit bouquet. This allows you to still enjoy a sweet treat without irritating your joints.


03. Enjoy a Massage

Treat yourself to a massage this Valentine’s Day. Massages can reduce joint stiffness by promoting blood flow to the muscles surrounding the joints. Not only does this reduce pain, it can also increase flexibility and range of motion. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to pamper yourself and enjoy the benefits a massage can offer your joints.


04. Add Plenty of Veggies to Your Meal

Cooking a nice meal is a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Adding plenty of veggies to the menu means you can enjoy a delicious meal while improving your joint pain. Crucificerious vegetables are packed with sulforaphane, which can help slow cartilage damage within the joints. Some great options to add to year meal include broccoli, cabbage, and Brussels sprouts.


05. Stick to Indoor Activities

When celebrating the evening, stick to activities that can be done indoors. While a walk in the park is great during the spring or summer, those who suffer from joint pain may want to avoid spending long periods of time outdoor during the winter. The cold weather can irritate joints and lead to painful symptoms. Save the outdoor activities for the warmer months and enjoy indoor activities instead.

Joint pain doesn’t mean you have to miss out on enjoying Valentine’s Day. These fun activities can help you celebrate the evening without irritating your joints. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we are dedicated to helping you reduce joint pain and get back to doing the things you love. Give us a call at (281) 333-5114.

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