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Don’t Be Fooled: 4 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Shoulder Replacement Surgery


Patients suffering from shoulder pain often wonder what their best treatment option is. However, many overlook shoulder replacement surgery due to a variety of myths. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we know that making an informed decision about your shoulder treatment is vital, so we’ve laid out some common myths you shouldn’t believe about shoulder replacement surgery:


Myth 1: You Lose Mobility of Your Shoulder

Many patients believe that they will completely lose mobility of their shoulder following surgery. While there is a recovery period in which you may be a bit stiff, many patients find that the mobility of their shoulder is actually improved after their shoulder surgery. However, keep in mind that you should still check with your doctor before beginning any activity that will put strain on the shoulder.


Myth 2: You Must Suffer from a Certain Condition to be a Candidate for Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, shoulder surgery is not specifically for those suffering from osteoarthritis. Although this is the most common reason for undergoing shoulder replacement surgery, this procedure can correct a wide variety of conditions, like shoulder fractures or a torn rotator cuff. Any patient in the greater Clear Lake area suffering from severe pain or limited mobility in the shoulder is advised to see a trusted shoulder surgeon, like NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, to see if surgery is the right treatment option.


Myth 3: Age Plays the Largest Role in Determining Whether You Are A Good Candidate For Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A common misconception is that age is the determining factor a patient looking to undergo shoulder replacement surgery. While age does play a role, it is significantly less important than other determining factors, such as your medical history, physical activity level, and overall quality of life.


Myth 4: All Costs Are Out-of-Pocket for Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Patients may worry that they can’t proceed with their shoulder surgery because their insurance will not cover it. However, many major health insurance policies cover shoulder replacement surgery under their plan. Speak with your Clear Lake shoulder doctor to determine if your health insurance will help cover the costs of your treatment – you may be surprised just how many plans offer coverage for this procedure.

Shoulder surgery is a viable treatment option for many patients looking to improve the mobility of their shoulder or reduce pain. However, it’s important to separate the truth from the myths when considering this procedure. At NASA Bone & Joint Specialists, we offer shoulder replacement surgery performed by a Board-Certified orthopedic specialist. Give us a call at (281) 333-5114.

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