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Right to Access. you’ve got the correct to access, or to examine and procure a duplicate of your protected health data. To exercise this right, you need to contact the Privacy Officer and complete a selected type in order that we’ve got the knowledge we’d like to method your request. you will request that your records be provided in associate electronic format and that we will work along to agree on associate acceptable electronic format. otherwise you will receive your records during a paper copy. you will additionally request that your protected health data be sent in electronic format to a different individual. you will be charged an inexpensive fee for access. we will refuse access underneath bound circumstances. If we tend to refuse access, we’ll tell you in writing and in some circumstances you will raise that a neutral person review the refusal.
Right to Amend Your Records. If you are feeling that your protected health data is inaccurate or incomplete, you will raise that we tend to amend your health records. To exercise this right, you need to contact the Privacy Officer to finish a selected type stating your reason for the request and alternative data that we’d like to method your request. we will refuse your request if we tend to didn’t produce the knowledge, if the knowledge isn’t a part of the knowledge we tend to maintain, if the knowledge is a component of data that you simply were denied access to, or if the knowledge is correct and complete as written. you’ll be notified in writing if your request is refused and you’ll be provided a chance to possess your request enclosed in your protected health data.

Right to associate Accounting. you’ve got a right to associate accounting of disclosures of your protected health data that’s maintained during a selected record set. this can be an inventory of persons, government agencies, or businesses United Nations agency have obtained your health data. To exercise this right, you need to contact the place of business and complete a selected type to produce North American country with the knowledge that we’d like to method your request. There ar specific closing dates on such requests. you’ve got the correct to at least one accounting per annul at no value.
Right to a Restriction. you’ve got the correct to raise North American country to limit disclosures of your protected health data. To exercise this right, you need to contact the Privacy Officer and complete a selected type to produce North American country with the knowledge that we’d like to method your request. If you self-pay for a service and don’t need your health data to travel to a 3rd party payer, we’ll not send the knowledge, unless it’s already been sent, you are doing not complete payment, or there’s another specific reason we tend to cannot settle for your request. for instance, if your treatment could be a bundled service and can’t be unbundled and you are doing not would like to procure the whole bundle, or the law needs North American country to bill the third party payer (e.g., a governmental payer), we tend to cannot settle for your request. we tend to don’t have to be compelled to comply with the other restriction. If we’ve got antecedent in agreement to a different form of restriction, we tend to might finish that restriction. If we tend to finish a restriction, we’ll inform you in writing.

Right to Communication Accommodation. you’ve got the correct to request that we tend to communicate with you during a bound method or at a selected location. To exercise this right, you need to contact the Privacy Officer and complete a selected type to produce North American country the knowledge that we’d like to method your request.
Breach Notification. you’ve got the correct to be notified if we tend to confirm that there has been a breach of your protected health data.
Right to get the Notice of Privacy Practices. you’ve got the correct to possess a private copy of this Notice. this way is that Notice and can be provided to you after you 1st register for care and treatment. {you might|you’ll|you will} request extra copies from the Hospital otherwise you may head to our web site at web.nasabone.com/newsite.
Right to File a criticism. If you suspect your privacy rights as delineated during this Notice are profaned, you will file a written criticism with our Privacy Officer. The name and address data are listed below.
Or, you will file a written criticism with the Health and Human Services Commission Civil Rights workplace with contact data.

You will not be fined for filing a criticism.

CHANGES to the current NOTICE:

We reserve the correct to vary this Notice at any time. we tend to reserve the correct to create the revised Notice effective for protected health data that we tend to presently maintain in our possession, {as we tend toll|also|additionally|further|furthermore|in addition|likewise|moreover|similarly|still|yet} as for any protected health datawe receive, use, or disclose within the future. A current copy of the Notice are announce in our Hospital.


Laura Stephens, 16840 Buccaneer Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77058, telephone: 281-333-5114, email: nbjs@nasabone.com

THIS NOTICE DESCRIBES however MEDICAL data regarding you will BE USED AND DISCLOSED and the wayyou’ll GET ACCESS to the current data. PLEASE REVIEW IT rigorously.


NASA Bone & Joint Specialists compiles data regarding you and therefore the treatment and services you receive. This data is termed protected health data (PHI) and is maintained during a specific set of records for you and your care/treatment. we tend to might use and disclose this data in varied ways in which. typically your agreement or authorization is important for North American country to use or disclose your data, and typically it’s not. This Notice describes however we tend to use and disclose your protected health data and your rights. we are needed by law to present you this Notice, and that we need to follow it. we tend to might amendment this Notice at any time if the law amendments or once our policies change. If we modify the Notice you’ll tend a revised Notice.

Contact Person

The contact person for all problems relating to patient privacy and your rights underneath the federal privacy standards is that the Privacy Officer. data relating to matters coated by this Notice are often requested by contacting the Privacy Officer. If you are feeling that your privacy rights are profaned by this hospital, you will submit a criticismto our Privacy Officer by line of work or causing it to:

Laura Stephens, 16840 Buccaneer Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77058, telephone: 281-333-5114, email: nbjs@nasabone.com

Your Health Record and “Protected Health Information”

Each time you receive treatment from a doctor, surgical center, hospital, or alternative health care supplier, a record of your visit is formed. This record usually includes, however isn’t restricted to, data like your name, age, address, a history of your malady, injury or symptoms, any check results, x-rays and laboratory work, the treatment provided to you and treatment plans devised for your care, and notes on follow-up care to be performed. however your health care datais also used and what management you will exercise over the employment of your health care data is delineated during this Privacy Notice. Any changes that you simply would like to create should be place in writing and sent on to the person listed higher than.


For your treatment. we tend to might share your protected health data with alternative treatment suppliers. for instance, if you’ve got a cardiopathy, we tend to might use your data to contact a specialist and should send your data thereto specialist. we tend to might send your data to alternative treatment suppliers, as necessary.
For Payment. we tend to might share your protected health data with anyone United Nations agency might procureyour treatment. for instance, we tend to may have to get a pre-authorization for treatment or send your health data to associate insurance underwriter so as to receive payment for treatment. However, if you pay of pocket for your treatment and create a selected request that we tend to not send data to your insurance underwriter for that treatment, we’ll not send that data to your {insurer|insurance company|insurance firm|insurance underneathwriter|underwriter|nondepository financial institution} except under bound circumstances. we tend to may additionally contact you relating to payment of your bill.
For Our health care Operations. we tend to might North American country and disclose your protected health data once it’s necessary for us to operate as a business or give services. after we contract with alternative businesses to try and do specific tasks or services for North American country, we tend to might share your protected health data associated with those tasks or services, (for example, helping with asking or insurance claims). after we try this, the business agrees within the contract to guard your health data and use and disclose such health data solely to the extent necessary to finish the allotted tasks or as we might use it within the Hospital. These businesses ar referred to as “Business Associates” and our contract for his or her services is termed a “Business Associate Agreement.” Another example is our internal review of your protected health data as a part of our quality method, patient safety review and workers performance.

For Appointment Reminders. we tend to might use your protected health data to prompt you of appointments, as well as going a voicemail message or text message.
For Surveys. we tend to might use and disclose your protected health data to contact you to assess your satisfaction with our services.
For providing your data on treatment alternatives or alternative services. we tend to might use and disclose protected health data to inform you regarding or advocate doable treatment choices or alternatives that will be of interest to you. we tend to may additionally use and disclose protected health data to inform you regarding health-related edges or services that will be of interest to you. In some cases the Hospital might receive payment for these activities. we’ll offer you the chance to allow us to grasp if you now not would like to receive this kind of data.

To discuss your treatment with others United Nations agency are committed your care (and for our hospital directory if appropriate). we tend to might disclose your health data to an exponent or friend United Nations agency is concerned in your care. we tend to may additionally disclose your health data to a company helping during a disaster relief effort in order that your family are often notified regarding your condition, status, and placement. [Unless you inform North American country that you simply don’t need any data free, we tend to might tell people United Nations agency raise, your location within the hospital and supply a general statement of your condition.]

Research. underneath bound circumstances, we tend to might use and disclose your protected health data for medical analysis. All analysis comes, however, are subject to a special approval method. Before we tend to use or disclose your health data for analysis, the project can are approved.

As Required By Law. we’ll disclose your protected health data once the law needs North American country to try and do therefore.
To Avert a heavy Threat to Health or Safety. we tend to might use and disclose your protected health data once necessary to forestall a heavy threat to your health and safety or the health and safety of another person.

Organ and Tissue Donation. we tend to might use or disclose your protected health data to associate organ donation bank or to alternative organizations that handle organ acquisition to help with organ or tissue donation and transplantation.

Military and Veterans. The protected health data of members of the us militia and members of a distant military authority is also disclosed pro re nata by military command authorities.
Employers. we tend to might disclose your protected health data to your leader if we offer you with health care services at your employer’s request and therefore the services ar associated with associate analysis for medical police work of the geographic point or to gauge whether or not you’ve got a work-related malady or injury. we’ll tell you after we create this kind of revelation.

Workers’ Compensation. we tend to might unleash your protected health data for workers’ compensation or similar programs providing you edges for work-related injuries or malady.
Public Health Risks. we tend to might disclose your protected health data for public health activities that embrace the hindrance or management of sickness, injury or disability; to report births and deaths; to report ill-treatment or neglect; to report reactions to medications or issues with products; to give notice individuals of remembers of devices or products; to give notice someone United Nations agency might are exposed to a sickness or is also in dangerfor acquiring or spreading a sickness or condition; or to give notice the suitable government authority if we tend tobelieve you’ve got been the victim of abuse, neglect or violence. If you agree, we will give immunisation data to varsities.
Health Oversight Activities. we tend to might disclose your protected health data to a health oversight agency for activities licensed by law. These activities ar necessary for the govt. to watch the health care system, government programs, and civil rights laws.
Legal Proceedings. we tend to might disclose your protected health data after we receive a court or body order. we tend to may additionally disclose your protected health data if we tend to get a subpoena, or another form of discovery request. If there’s no writ or judicial subpoena, the attorneys should create an endeavor to inform you regarding the request for your protected health data.

Law social control. once a enforcement official requests your protected health data, it’s going to be disclosed in response to a writ, subpoena, warrant, summons, or similar method. it’s going to even be disclosed to assistenforcement determine or find a suspect, fugitive, witness, or missing person. we tend to may additionally disclose protected health data regarding the victim of against the law; a few death we tend to believe is also the results ofcriminal conduct; regarding criminal conduct on the premises; or in associate emergency to report a crime, the placement of the crime, victims of the crime, or to spot the one who committed the crime.
Coroners, doctors, and ceremonial occasion administrators. we tend to might disclose your protected health data to a medical examiner, physician, or a skilled worker.
National Security and Intelligence Activities. once licensed by law, we tend to might disclose your protected health data to federal officers for intelligence, intelligence operation, and alternative national security activities.

Protective Services for the President et al. we tend to might disclose your protected health data to bound federal officers in order that they might give protection to the President, alternative persons, or foreign heads of state, or to conduct special investigations.
Inmates or Persons in Custody. If you’re associate inmate of a penal facility or underneath the custody of a enforcement official, we tend to might unleash your protected health data to the establishment|penal institution|penal facility} or a enforcement official once it’s necessary for the institution to produce you with health care; once it’snecessary to guard your health and safety or the health and safety of others; or once it’s necessary for the securityand security of the penal facility.
Fundraising. we tend to might send you data as a part of our fundraising activities. As you review our fundraising materials, you’ll see data supplying you with the chance to “opt out” of (meaning “choose to not participate in”) receiving fundraising materials within the future. If you give notice North American country that you simply would like to opt, as provided within the materials sent to you therewith mailing, we’ll not send you fundraising data or mailings within the future.
Other Uses and Disclosures:

Most uses and disclosures of psychotherapy notes need your authorization. Psychotherapy notes are a specific form of protected health data. mental state records usually don’t seem to be thought-about psychotherapy notes.

Your authorization is important if we tend to sell your protected health data.
If we tend to use your protected health data to speak a few third party’s product or service that encourages you to use that product or service, and, if we tend to ar acquired that communication, we’ll get your authorization. These communications will take varied forms like mailings, email communications and phonephone communications. However, we’ll not would like your authorization to produce you data face-to-face (example, within the Hospital); to send bills or request payment for services rendered; to speak with you regarding your treatment; to produce you with medication refill reminders; to speak with you regarding health care problems generally; or to speak with you regarding Government programs.
We will get your authorization if we tend to use your health data for selling.
We will typically give notice you regarding our health-related merchandise and services as a part of our Hospital operations. These don’t seem to be selling communications, and your authorization isn’t necessary. However, if you are doing not would like to receive these communications, please allow us to grasp by contacting the Privacy Officer. See contact data at the tip of this Notice.